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Who we are:

Final Girl Records (f.k.a. Weird Sister Records) is an independent record label + collective based in Brooklyn, NY and Los Angeles, CA.

Sick and tired of the white dude music business machine,
Final Girl strives for a healthier label model to serve as a safer space for women, trans, and non binary people in creative industries to share their work.


We are committed to being an anti-racist organization that encourages equity, diversity, and anti-racist actions in the music industry and to help amplify the voices of BIPOC artists + creators.

We choose our own destiny and cannot be contained or destroyed.

Founded by Deanna DiLandro + Madison Hetterly in 2021.


Logo Design by: @pink_pizzanova 


No artist is alike so why use the same formula for everyone?

We offer personalized strategies to provide the best plan for each individual artist. We promise a communicative and free flowing relationship with personalized deals unique to each artist to provide what they need most for their career.


The music industry is changing everyday, so we offer up to date practices of distribution, release strategy, digital streaming + playlist services, and social media marketing that will have the best outcome for each individual artist. We won’t stop learning and adapting to the new landscape.


Open communication of budget, spending and contracts.

We won’t leave you in the dark. 


Exclusive brand + merchandise partnerships.


Curated livestreams, press conferences and live events.


Partnerships with BIPOC, womxn + non-binary producers, engineers, studio owners and more.


No creepy men. PERIOD.


photos by: @girlnamegolden

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