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Adi GuerreX

Photo by: Steph Estrada
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Adi GuerrerX is the musical moniker of Adi Gonzalez, born to Venezuelan and Cuban parents and raised in Miami, Florida. Adi’s earliest memory of love for music began in their childhood. Their parents were groundskeepers of a Reformed Jewish congregation in North Miami. Adi along with her sister, would regularly attend the weekly sabbath, listening to the services and hymns eagerly waiting for their chance to explore the old and giant organs, finely tuned upright pianos and warmly timbered mahogany guitars.  

Adi began making music in their early 20’s when a filmmaker they worked for, gave them a 2010 macbook pro. Using Garageband, they started programming short poignant ideas via midi and recording vocals with a pair of cheap headphones. In 2015, Adi moved to New York to pursue more film related opportunities and eventually participated in bands such as Mons Vi and Big Girl. Mid-2020 and after 5 years of living in NYC, they decided to sojourn in Richmond, VA where a good group of their friends live and work on music. Upon moving to RVA, Adi has collaborated with artists Jackie Mendoza, Not Kevin, Benét, and Abby Huston and is currently working on an album, including production by John Trainum. 

Adi approaches songwriting closely to the process of world building. Their production sets a sonic landscape, frequently combining arranged strings, sequenced drums and processed vocals. Their evocative lyricism can pay homage to the past self as well as self forgiveness while in other songs can provide playfulness of topics.

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