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Big Girl


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Big Girl, is a six-piece indie-rock band that is breaking fresh ground in the New York live music scene. Big Girl’s music is expansive and cathartic, combining indie-rock vulnerability with irreverent punk energy. Their adventurous songs are filled with delicious lyrics driven by soaring vocals – sometimes a chorus of them. 

Frontperson and carnival barker Kaitlin Pelkey is a raw and emotionally intense band leader, oscillating between the grave tones of a preacher, the sass of a schoolgirl, and the heartfelt croons of a torch-singer. Two backup singers flank the stage performing synchronized circus-like choreography, guitars tremble and wail while drums crackle and burst into improvised interludes before seamlessly checking into a groove. The band will sound like Deerhoof and B-52s one moment, only to take a hairpin turn into the textures of Sleater-Kinney or the intimacy of Phoebe Bridgers. 

The Deli Magazine describes the live experience of Big Girl as being “sucked into and enveloped by the band’s immersive mix of glitter-encrusted glam-rock-ish grandiloquence mixed with unguarded singer-songwriter-ish intimacy.” Full Time Aesthetic characterizes the atmosphere of Big Girl’s show as “Rocky Horror Picture Show energy. With choreographed dancing and saturated stage outfits, I almost felt like this show could be taken to Broadway.”

Big Girl is set to release their debut record, Big Girl vs. God, with Weird Sister on June 30, 2023.

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