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Enny Owl

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Enny Owl’s music has been described as the sound nature would make if it could sing. The British born, LA based musician draws inspiration from celtic music and transforms it into a unique fantasy soundscape. Enny uses her rich, songbird vocals to tell stories of queer love, finding oneself, loss and more. 


Growing up queer in various Christian households, music was a form of escapism. The timid singer songwriter would play make believe by writing stories that took her to beautiful new worlds. As she learned the guitar and found herself in nature, Enny’s ethereal, folk sound began to take shape. 


Some of her musical influences include: Florence Welch, Elena Tonra, and Joni Mitchell. 
 Enny has self-released two albums and an EP. She went on a DIY tour “The Naked Heart Tour,” was a finalist on Open Mic UK, and her song “Sandbox” was chosen as KCRW’s Today’s Top Tune, played on-air and featured as one of their 5 Songs To hear. 

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