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Heather Cook


Heather Cook is a singer/songwriter from New Jersey preparing to release her thirteen-song debut LP Quick! No One’s Looking via Weird Sister Records. Emotional and playful, Cook’s musical style uses atmospheric harmonies and catchy melodies to tell stories of early heartbreak and nostalgia. Having grown up in the sweaty basement-show scene of NJ, her work is often inspired by the youthful and sometimes haunting memories of the Garden State.


Her rock influences include local bands such as The Front Bottoms and Streetlight Manifesto, whereas her softer acoustic songs are more comparable to the energy of Alex G and Big Thief. New Noise Magazine described Cook’s musical style as “utilizing the quiet atmosphere to provide tranquility.” Currently residing in New York City, Cook is also a writer for the punk comedy website The Hard Times and can often be found working in behind-the-scenes television production. All of these experiences have helped her develop her own unique approach that can be experienced on Quick! No One’s Looking – out everywhere on September 2nd, 2022.

Photo by: Jill Verhaeghe

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