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Los Angeles singer/songwriter/producer Madge crafts edgy, experimental synth and electronic pop. The nonbinary artist debuted their surrealistic sound with 2018's Fight or Flight Club EP and expanded it with releases like 2020's Ethanol (Multiverse, Vol. 2)EP and 2022's "Psychopomp" while collaborating with artists ranging from Kaskade to Slayyyter to Pussy Riot.

Growing up in a Mormon family in Utah, Madge began playing piano competitively at a young age and started writing and recording songs while in grade school. Madge's debut EP, Fight or Flight Club, appeared in 2018, the same year that they appeared on a pair of Kaskade tracks, "Tight" and "Fun," which also featured Brohug and Mr. Tape. Madge's 2019 projects included the singles "Bonedeep" and "Blueblood," and the covers EP, Madge...Is Just a Girl!, which featured imaginative reworkings of songs by Weezer, No Doubt, and Sum 41.


In 2020, Madge released a third EP, Ethanol (Multiverse, Vol. 2) and worked with Coral Bones on the single "No Good Broke" and with PeZ on "Virtue Signals/Knife N Play." Also in 2020, Madge wrote "Riot," a song for Pussy Riot inspired by the Black Lives Matter protests. They were just as busy in 2021, issuing the EP xR 1 with Extended Release, their project with Moon Bounce, and writing songs for Slayyyter's album Troubled Paradise. Madge also reunited with Mr. Tape that year for the tech-house track "Whatify." The following year saw collaborations with GIRLI ("Thumbtax") and Jessica Winter ("Psychopomp") and a tour with Pussy Riot.

In 2023, Madge released their mixtape "ravepack" on Weird Sister records. About the EP, Madge says, “ravepack is pop from the dungeon, an exploration of adorable meets f*cked up in the post-Soviet underground. I was 90 percent sad and 10 percent raving when I made these songs, produced by Grandbankss and co-written with Tzar. Between each track is an interlude that I created myself DJ-style so the mixtape translates as one continuous set to feel existential dread to.”

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