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Bay-area trio, Grooblen, releases the winding jazz-pop single, "Escher Girl," for Virgo season

An Escher Girl is a caricaturized, objectifying visualization of women often portrayed in pop media like comic books.

Grooblen is the Bay area trio fronted by Ellie Stokes, an integral member of the San Francisco music scene. Stokes is the founder of the Big Leap Collective. Big Leap Collective is a nonprofit creates opportunities for diversity and accessibility in art education through community-focused events.

Grooblen’s “Escher Girl” is a tangled testament to overcoming impulse and grappling with the need for control after overcoming a traumatic, sexist experience as a feminine-presenting person.

The single is accompanied by a surrealist sci-fi music video, by Bay Area director Jozie Zamjahn (she/hers). Produced by Jim Greer (Foster The People, Del the Funky Homosapien, Galactic, Angelo Moore), "Escher Girl," as described by Music Shelf With Mustard, is "a winding experimental jazz-pop symphony of piano, synths, pounding drums, and more, reflecting a warped poppy take on a Fiona Apple or Mitski song." Listen below!


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