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Grunge outfit, Gymshorts, brings a pop punk vibe to the Leo season single, "Secret Meeting"

Like the band’s home state, frontwoman Sarah Greenwell, is a petite powerhouse that marches to the beat of her own drum. Endearingly rebellious, fiercely independent, and hell bent on causing a commotion, Greenwell embodies the kind of rambunctious unpredictability that has personified some of pop culture’s most legendary troublemakers; a little bit Bart Simpson, a hint of Kevin McCallister, and a dash of Dennis The Menace form the inspirational foundation of Gymshorts’ particular brand of punk n roll, smoked to perfection in the back of Jeff Spicoli’s van.

"Secret Meeting" addresses the complex nature of communication in relationships with a pop punk flair. It serves to entice friends and lovers alike to communicate even if it calls for a secret meeting. Powerful energy for Leo season!


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