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"Indebted," the latest single from Noa Jamir is indie rock self empowerment

Noa Jamir keeps getting stronger. Her latest single "Indebted" is a "song for anyone who struggles with standing up for themselves."

A note on the song from Noa: "This is a song written for Little Noa, who often struggled with standing up for herself. While writing it, I channeled all of the things I wish I’d said in moments when I needed to defend myself, but felt too powerless to do so. My hope with this song is to give others a voice and a moment of empowerment. I hope it helps someone else feel like they are stepping into their power, as I have begun to do through this song."

This single comes ahead of Noa's full length album, CICADA, coming later this year! If you're reading this, you're getting some inside TEA. We will be announcing this one so so soon! <3 Get ready for more from Noa Jamir.


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