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Noa Jamir releases "Want to Love," a brutally honest, tender folk single

"Want To Love" was written in the winter of 2022.

During that time, I began distancing myself from friends and loved ones. It felt like I was slowly disappearing— like I had gone missing, in a way. It was hard to show up for others and for myself due to a tumultuous relationship with substances.

The song is a little bit sad, but I didn’t want it to feel hopeless. “Want To Love” was written to be a space of brutal honesty with oneself and with loved ones. At the time, it felt like an admission — a cry for help to my friends, family, and to myself that I needed help. Sharing this song live and connecting with others through it has consequently been one of the most vulnerable yet rewarding things I’ve yet to do… I can’t wait for people to have it in its recorded form too. - Noa Jamir


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