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Poly-disciplinary artist, Synead, releases "Daydream," the fluid & enchanting Pisces single

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

"Daydream" is a stunning, crescendoing acapella; naturally fluid and moving. Governed by Piscean attributes like escapism, magic, mystery and feelings that come with Neptunian energy, "Daydream" is Synead's oceanic response to a love spell. Submitting to the uncontrollable and powerful force of love, Synead sings, "Your words, they crash on me like waves do- deeper, deeper, deeper, deeper, deeper I go." This meditative melisma is Synead's representation of what it felt like when she was really living in a state of being where it felt like every cell in her body was activated. Enamored by life and by love, "Daydream" is a moment that lended an opportunity for Synead to sink deeper into herself.


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