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Producer & vocalist Sunstoney releases "Crown," the evil bop made for Taurus season

“Crown” is an empowering electronic pop/soul-hop track dedicated to the Taurus sign. While we all navigate love in our lives it's hard to know our worth. It's easy to “press replay” with the same toxic person. This track embodies the mindset of a Taurus - strong, compassionate and unapologetic. However they must be reminded of their “crown” and their power to make the right decisions with their love life.

"Backed by the trap-infused, moody soundscape made up of wobbling pulsating bass synths, lush arpeggios, and thick drums, Sunstoney pours her true feelings on wax as she puts her feet down against a lover who tries to put her down. The lyrics are thoughtful and dwell on reminding women to always recognize their worth within a relationship." - EARMILK


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