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Um, Jennifer? release their debut EP, The Girl Class EP

After a run of the heavy hitting singles, "Girl Class," "Cut Me Open," and "Glamour Girl," Jennifer graces this realm with a highly anticipated debut, The Girl Class EP.

The EP, a sharp-witted, psyche-puncturing social statement – and just plain fun collection of songs – is an ode to break ups, freak outs, and deep queer longing. Each song takes on a new perspective, written through the eyes of best friends, lovers, ex lovers’ new lovers, and all the messy places in between. Throughout The Girl Class EP, love is personified as something fantastic, gory, loud, needy, and needed. These songs were all written within the past year of the band’s life, and were the first songs they wrote together. These songs are the band’s attempt at measuring the immeasurable; at understanding themselves, each other, and the world around them.

The trans slut duo celebrated the release with a packed show at the Sultan Room <3

More from Um, Jennifer? on the way later this year!!! Stay tuned.


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