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Weird Sister Presents: RIOT GRRL FEST ft. VIAL, Mint Green, eevie echoes, and DJ SET by Madge

Weird Sister Records has been in a TEAR DOWN THE PATRIARCHY mood since it’s inception. Through supporting women, trans and non-binary artists, Weird Sister has channelled their efforts into people that are statistically underrepresented in music and art.

After the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade, we’ve teamed up with PopGun to put on a RIOT GRRRL FEST because we're ready to RAGE FOR BODILY AUTONOMY and spread information on how we can support those in need of safe abortions across the country.

To put it into perspective, Planned Parenthood reports that thirty-six million women, plus many others who can become pregnant, are at risk of losing abortion access in their state. The court’s decision most harms Black, Latino, Indigenous, and other people of color — communities for whom systemic racism has long blocked access to opportunity and health care. Women and those who can come pregnant deserve the right to control their own bodies no matter where they live or how much money they make.

In order to fight these new political battles over our bodies and identities, we need to assemble and tease out the revolution. Riot Grrrl, the punk feminism of the nineties, possessed an immediacy—an embodied urgency—that feels difficult to recapture amidst assimilation and tolerance. But we're up for the challenge. Weird Sister wants to use RIOT GRRRL FEST as a response to the gravity of our current situation, to build each other up, and to rock out any fear holding us back from true rebellion.

Our line-up of VIAL, Mint Green & eevie echoes plus a DJ set by Madge will be supplying the PUNK & HYPER-POP fueled by messages of resistance while Abortion Access Front amplifies the reasons to rage by speaking on their project, Operation Save Abortion.

We will also be hosting a ZINE SWAP with our friends at Bad Static.




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