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"Wheel of Fortune," the Sagittarius single is the brooding debut track from artist, Raechel Rosen

“Wheel of Fortune” is the first release from singer, songwriter & producer Raechel Rosen (FKA Mima Good), under her own name. Inspired by the vision of Ezekiel as told in the Tanakh, “Wheel of Fortune” is a trance-like dive into fears, freedom, and faith. Beginning with a soft electric piano and ending with an explosion of vocal layers and guitar loops, the song mirrors a spiritual journey.

The song begins by describing a strange image, “One amber light in the night… ox, lion bird”..., referencing not only the details of Ezekiel’s mystical vision, but the symbols of the corresponding Wheel of Fortune tarot card. Over a near heartbeat, Rosen sings, “Don’t fear the changes down the way, don’t run from changes down the road.” This is repeated each chorus not just for the listener, but for Rosen herself as she embraces her transition into releasing music under her own name. Embracing this vulnerability, what follows are a series of spiritual references, echoing, and harmonic guitars meant to lift the listener into an inspired state. In the ending catharsis, a trio of voices sings, “you don’t have to die for the long long road. There’s thunder in your heart for the long long road. Destiny is calling on the long long road.” “Wheel of Fortune” is meant to bring comfort to those who wander the long long road, in lost moments when it feels there is no light to follow.


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