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Weird Sister Records rebrands to Final Girl Records!

Hello babes! We come to you with big news. Our label Weird Sister Records received a cease and desist letter from a band in Nashville. They were unwilling to come to a co-existence agreement or to approve the small adjustments to our name we offered them as an attempt to keep the brand we built and love. Because of this we were left with no choice but to update our name since we do not have the funds to go to court.

BUT...from the ashes something even better emerges. We are SO excited to share our new name with you. Please welcome to the world, Final Girl Records!

“Final Girl” is a nod to the classic horror trope, a collective of powerful individuals that perseveres and survives against all odds. They decide their own destiny. Get ready for a year of amazing music, shows, dinner parties, meet-ups and more.

THANK YOU to our gorgeous community who has supported us the past two years and we're thrilled for what is in store. <3


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