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Enny Owl joins the Weird Sister coven, releases fantasy driven single and music video,"Nicolette"

British-born, Los Angeles-based musician Enny Owl is thrilled to announce her forthcoming album, Homes in Humans, set for release November 3, 2023 Alongside the album announcement comes the full-length’s lead single, “Nicolette,” and its beautiful accompanying music video, directed by Paula Crichton. The ethereal siren song that is Enny Owl’s voice is fantastical throughout the new song, replete with dazzling harmonies and a plethora of fascinating instrumentation backing her up, and lyrics readymade to fend off all the dark forces in your life.

Speaking on the themes of the song, Enny says “This song is about the fear of opening up after being hurt so many times before. It’s for the quiet and gentle hearted. “Nicolette” is a reminder to be brave enough to find the strength and magic that was within you all along.

Homes in Humans is a concept album based on the overall theme of healing and finding oneself. During the lockdown in March of 2020, Enny connected with her listeners by asking them to submit their names and what was on their mind at the time. She created different songs inspired by each response. Homes in Humans sees the singer-songwriter expand upon some of those songs to create a cinematic collection. Musically, the album explores a combination of Enny’s folksy storytelling roots, her love for the celtic/fantasy soundscape, and an experimental nod to pop music.


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