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"Forever" from Big Girl (music video directed by Brandon Flynn) is a "cathartic centerpiece"

Under the Radar Magazine premiered the second single and music video from Big Girl. Here's what they had to say about the song and music video directed by Brandon Flynn:

"'Forever' acts as a cathartic centerpiece for the record, pouring layers of towering grief and heartache into a slow-burning confessional. Here Pelkey directly addresses the loss of her mother, surveying the conflicting swirl of emotions that accompany a devastating loss and grappling with the finality of ‘forever’: “I could have tried harder / I could have been a better daughter / Instead of a martyr / We had the time of our lives / Don’t think twice.” The track traces Pelkey’s loss with keening pedal steel and distant hazy piano chords, but its cornerstone is Pelkey’s heart-wrenching vocal performance, especially in the searing climactic crescendo. The track feels like part tribute and part fiery exorcism, as Pelkey tears the raw wounds of her grief open.

Meanwhile, the accompanying video, directed by actor and writer Brandon Flynn (The Parenting, Hellraiser, Thirteen Reasons Why), is equally haunting and elegiac. The video features Pelkey’s parent’s 1991 wedding video playing on an old ‘80s TV set, interspersed with aching close-ups of Pelkey in an increasingly surreal swirl of images."

Watch the video below and tead the full write-up by Caleb Campbell here. <3


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