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Hyperpop artist, Madge, releases "rabits ft. ZAND" the banger ahead of their mixtape, "ravepack"

Madge is an artist that does not do things by halves. "rabits"is a total barn-burner of a track. So much so that it debuted at #1 on Spotify's Hyperpop playlist upon its release.

Madge, originally from Utah, has collaborated and written for artists as varied as Pussy Riot, Portugal.The Man and many more. A contagious energy, a realization without fault of taste, a rare talent, they radiate a contagious energy, a kind of breath of musical oxygen which leaves you no choice but to hear the rabits on the radio.

"a catchy electro pop record that is wildy infectious and unique. Madge and ZAND’s vocals are sultry and seductive, capturing the mischievous spirit of the lyrics perfectly."

"What stands out most about "rabits" is the infectious chorus" - Gems and Secrets

Here is what Madge has to say about the track:

Bad habits as pet problems–rabits–whispering in your ear to do naughty and destructive things. Most of the time they get you in trouble. Sometimes they turn into pop songs though and that can be cute. Rabits on the radio.


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