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"Late to the Party," the Aries single from Stone Cold Grace creates hunger for yelling & tears

"Late to the Party" is an homage to anyone who has ever been made to feel like they are hard to love. Written shortly after graduating college last spring, it chronicles the events of a party that is missing some key characters and involves a falling out with a romantic partner.

Penned in tune with Weird Sister Record's Zodiac Series for the sign Aries, Stone Cold Grace captures the honesty, passion & vulnerability rooted deep in the core of the fire sign.

"Stone Cold Grace has achieved something that many musicians only dream of, she holds the attention of her listeners and invites them to want to know more." - Right Chord Music

"I think this story is a testament to Sara’s desire to unravel the human experience, and with that means including all of the low moments of life." - Tropical Goth Magazine

Stone Cold Grace is the solo indie folk project of Sara Johnson, a multi-faceted creative who desires to unravel even the smallest pockets of the human experience. Her debut, phantom reciprocity, is a raw body of work focusing on coming of age in a time where relationships have developed a new meaning.


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