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"Little Libra," the pop punk single from Brooklyn's eevie echoes shows strength through distortion

Trans punk artist Eevie Echoes (usually stylized as eevie echoes) got her start by cutting her teeth at open mics around Brooklyn and soon began making a name for herself in the underground music scene due to her charismatic stage presence, knack for audience involvement, and trademark brand of sarcastic pessimism.

Her music combines aspects of early 2000's pop punk, riot grrrl, ska, grunge, and a touch of Tom Morello. At the heart of her songs is unfiltered vulnerability as Eevie discusses everything from breakups and politics to transitioning, dealing with manipulative people, and struggles with mental health in her music.

“Little Libra” is a story of regaining strength and autonomy after being hurt and manipulated by other people. The change in lyrics from "throw me on your scales and weigh my scars" to "take me off your scales, I've weighed my scars" highlight the change in mindset from a victim to a survivor. Sonically, the track infuses ska with pop punk and uses effects like flanger and distortion to mirror the myriad of emotions that someone can experience when trying to process trauma. Written for the single series for Libra season, the song offers relief using layered horns, solid guitar work and a dash of goth girl rage.


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