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Queer and WOC band, valentines day, releases "eat me!" the Capricorn single

A note from valentines day about the song:

“eat me!” tries to capture a very realist but also ambitious point of view. Specifically, the idea that we want to portray is that despite the dualities and other intricacies of life, it’s really up to you to take it by the reins and make with it what you will, even if there is risk involved.

The song also speaks to life in itself being a trip, hence all of the “Alice in Wonderland” references. The line "we'll all break into bits, riddles can remain unanswered” gets at the fact that uncertainty is in the nature of existing and that breaking into bits, figuratively, will occur to all of us whether we want it or not. Reinventing and reimagining your being from all fragments of experience is necessary in order for us (as people) to truly live. The song is an homage to really embodying what it means to live life and not letting outside influences dictate what that's like, but rather also encouraging others to see their reality this way because really, we never know how much time we have left.

You see all of this come out in the cover art as well, where the three wise monkeys stand in for the hookah smoking caterpillar, as the very introspective moral compass. The white rabbit wants to remain uninvolved and completely apart from any ongoings, so we coupled him with the Cheshire cat, almost the rabbits complete opposite, as he is entirely curious and enjoys instigating (represented by the octopus tentacles). We also have the queen of hearts make an appearance, a dominant, almost oppressive force in the movie. She is represented as the hookah because we've all been inhaling from birth that the idea that so much of our reality is out of our own hands.

This heavy hitter from valentines day is the 12th and final single from Weird Sister's Zodiac Series.


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