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Um, Jennifer? joins the Weird Sister fam, releases trans anthem, "Girl Class" with Billboard feature

Um, Jennifer? is a punk-tinged indie pop duo based in NYC. Fig and Leah met at a party in Brooklyn. Leah wanted to hook up with Fig's friend. Now they make music together for nobody except the vengeful god, Jennifer. Jennifer thinks their music sucks.

Weird Sister is stoked to have Um, Jennifer? on their growing roster and to have released their first single, "Girl Class." Speaking on the new song, the band said: “‘Girl Class’ was born out of craving community within trans girlhood. It's about unbecoming and becoming; being molded by expectations of femininity. Ultimately, it's the realization that despite the noise, there is no one way to be a girl.”

Billboard featured "Girl Class" in their Queer Jams of the Week Round Up! Praise Jen & our friends at The Syndicate. <3 Well, deserved.


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