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Um, Jennifer? release their second single, the absolute ripper, "Cut Me Open"

"When I first started writing this song I was kinda depressed. I was reading a lot of Dennis Cooper to try and tear myself out of it. Looking back, I was think a lot about self destruction as a means of wagering with people or forces that I felt wanted to see me fail. Like if I can do that for them, maybe I'll get love or approval in return. Songs are such time capsules of feelings, but they also can change meaning if you let them. Every time we perform this song I get an opportunity to revistit this idea, this feeling. Now though, the lyrics have

taken on a newfound levity. They're campy, dramatic, villainous, outrageous. I get to transform my experience, it gets to grow with me. Something that was confusing and painful now brings me joy, and hopefully it will bring other people joy too. - Eli

"It's a loud song about eating people. What's not to love????" - Fig


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