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Weird Sister featured on LOUD WOMEN

Madison Hetterly & Deanna DiLandro, the co-founders of Weird Sister Records, spoke with LOUD WOMEN to discuss how they're breaking the traditional molds of record labels and building up artists in the process. Read the full interview by Molly Tie below!

What are the values Weird Sister is based on?

Madison: As noted above, I’ve had a variety of experience in the industry but seemed to always find myself working for men. I’ve had various experiences from finding mentors in this industry but also have been demeaned, disrespected and taken advantage of (financially, mentally and emotionally). Deanna and I connected on having similar experiences in the industry and wanting to give each other the freedom to operate in the industry as our full selves and also creating opportunities, spaces and communities for other women, non-binary and trans creators.

Deanna: Authenticity, freedom of expression, building safe communities & transparency.

Are there any other projects in the pipeline you want to tell us about?

Madison: We’re releasing our first full length album this Fall! Stay tuned for that artist announcement which is coming next month. We also are planning to throw many more events in both NYC and LA so are looking forward to curating those and continuing to build our community.


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